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Larry M. Griggers

Welcome to my home page. I serve as the Administrator for the Class Action Settlements listed below. Click on the Settlement listing to be directed to a webpage that will provide status reports, refund lists, and instructions for filing a claim.

Current Settlements Being Administered

I am administering or co-administering the following Class Action Settlements:

  • Charlton County - Toledo Manufacturing Etal v. Charlton County
    (Pending - Awaiting Publication Compliance by County)

  • Glynn County - Coleman v. Glynn County
    (Finalized - Claim Period Ended & Refunds Distributed)

  • McIntosh County - Mary A Bailey v. McIntosh County
    (Pending - Settlement Negotiations in Progress)

  • Savannah, GA - Old Town Trolly Tours of Savannah, Inc. v. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah
    Finalized - Claim Period Ended & Refunds Distributed)

  • Wayne County - Altamaha Bluff, LLC, and Grant Lewis v. Wayne County Board of Commissioners, Board of Assessors and Tax Commissioner
    (In Process - Receiving Claims)


Larry M. Griggers

121 Salem Drive

Lyons, GA 30436